"Zinc" replacement

Zinc or aluminum anodes are very crucial to the integrity of your vessel. Anodes protect your vessels metal parts from corrosion. Props and shafts are expensive if they corrode away and corroded metal through-hulls can sink a boat in minutes. Neptune divers check and replace anodes as necessary with every hull cleaning.

Video & Photo reports

Neptune Dive Service provides complementary video and photo service to all of our clients. We assess the condition of each boat bottom on each dive to determine an individual service plan for each vessel and visually report accordingly. With our visual updates, you can rest assured that our divers are keeping your boat bottom in top shape. 

Power Boats


1 to 20$30 Minimum
21 to 30$1.75
31 to 40$1.80
41 to 50$1.85
51 to 60$1.90
61 to 80$2.05

Hull Cleaning Rates

Condition Ratings

Boat bottoms are given condition ratings following each dive in order to provide a full report on the state of the boat bottom. Condition ratings are based on the condition of the anti fouling properties and the coverage of the bottom paint. Ratings are annotated according to the following descriptions; "Excellent," "Very Good," "Good," "Fair" and "Poor." During the summer marine growth accumulates 2-3 times as fast due to warmer water temperatures and additional sunlight exposure.

Sail Boats

Neptune Services

Hull INspection and Maintenance

The Neptune dive team specializes in hull inspection and maintenance in order to keep your vessel in optimum condition. Algae and marine growth is removed using minimally abrasive brushes in order to ensure that your boat's paint stays on the hull and not in the environment.
Transducers and knot meters are cleaned off to make sure they work optimally. Non-painted running gear, rudders and trim tabs are polished to improve vessel performance.  Monthly cleaning is recommended to keep your boat in ideal condition for anytime use.

*Every 6 Weeks or Bi-monthly Service is Subject to Additional Fees

*$80 Hourly Charge

*$30 Minimum

​*$30 Stern Drive


1 to 20$30 Minimum
21 to 30$1.45
31 to 40$1.50
41 to 50$1.55
51 to 60$1.75
61 to 80$1.85